Looking forward to 2009

2009 will undoubtedly be an interesting year.  The SHR team are looking forward to the challenge and hope you are too.

From a recruitment perspective caution may well be the keyword.  Individuals will think carefully before changing jobs and organisations will doubtless consider carefully before replacing staff or hiring new faces.  Although things appeared to slow a little towards the end of October and early November, December was surprisingly active in terms of new candidates registering to find work and both existing and new clients asking us to help fill some very interesting jobs.

2008 has been a very good year for Sue Hill Recruitment with an increase in turnover of almost 20%.  Despite considerable expansion of premises and the team the company will end the year in profit and have the satisfaction of being able to add to already strong cash reserves.  It is a little sad to have money to invest when the interest rates offered are small in the extreme.  Still I would rather SHR be self funding and receive 0.6% interest on its reserves than to borrow and have to pay considerably more to a bank.

It is good to be able to give a confident message to our steadily growing team of temporary workers, our candidates and our many and varied clients that SHR is in good shape to look forward to 2009.  We are already looking at new ideas and ways of widening our existing operations to open even more avenues to those who entrust their careers and their recruitment to us.

In twelve months time I would like to think we will all be looking forward with confidence to 2010.

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