LIKE52: Content Strategy

It's been a while since I last attended a LIKE event. I'm glad I went last night. Fantastically interesting session by Lauren Pope, of Brilliant Noise, about Content Strategy. The overriding message was that if you have stuff you want people to use, having a content strategy is essential. It's about making things repeatable, about turning customers into advocates. Your strategy doesn't end with the production of content; it continues through into governance.

The customer decision journey was of real interest to me. After that initial business transaction, how do your transform your customer into an advocate for you, your message and your business? It planted seeds of thought in my head, about how I interact with people, what we do (and have done!) and how we can be better.

Lauren talked us through the 6 Ps Planning model, which you can see here in her slides. I wrote so many notes that I could make this a very long blog. But I won't. Time is, after all, money. Things that stick out from my scribblings - 

– Principles should be guiding, mantra-like, framing

– There is a need for constant review and evaluation

– Better processes will save costs & generate a better return

– You need leadership, ownership & just the right amount of enthusiasm

– By engaging with customers and gauging their satisfaction, you can judge the need for intervention in order to improve usage

Buoyed by great conversation at the table, I got a lot out of last night's event. I enjoyed listening to Lauren – great content and an articulate & entertaining speaker. 

– Suzanne

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