Advertising Solutions

What is a branded advertising solution and why might it be needed?

A branded advertising solution enables us to reach the largest candidate pool as quickly as possible, and while our other recruitment services will bring you highly qualified candidates, a branded advertising solution will also reach passive and inactive candidates. Using a client’s employer brand is a vital component of reaching these passive job seekers.

Branded adverts attain a higher level of recognition and improved response rates both in volume and quality. Simultaneously it gives clients a platform from which to enhance their employer brands and promote themselves to the wider market.

We tailor all our branded advertising solutions to the specific needs of our clients, but a typical solution might involve:

  • Online advertising via key job boards, either industry specific or generalist
  • Sue Hill & TFPL websites – a chance to promote your brand to our audience of active, engaged candidates
  • Targeted email campaigns – bespoke targeted email alerts to push the campaign out to relevant candidates

For further details of our advertising solutions or to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch with one of our consultants on 020 7378 7068.

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