Libraries in the news again

Libraries are popular again!  Wooo Hooo!  I have just been reading the BBC website that the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library "had more visitors and lent more books than any other in 2007/08".  It was good news for other libraries too.  Visitor numbers rose in other libraries such as Manchester and Birmingham.

Is this a sign that the recent investments in libraries are starting to pay off or are people turning to libraries as an alternative source in these times of recession?  However, just to put a different slant on things, it has also been a time of library closures.  February saw the approved closure of 11 libraries by Wirral Borough Council and 2008 saw the closure of around 38 libraries around the country.

So the question is, are more people using libraries or are the same amount of people having less choice over which libraries they use?  I'm hoping the former is closer to the truth.

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  •  :  Good to hear. I saw a nice piece in the Evening Standard (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> by Sam Leith last week in praise of the British Library. Aways nice to see some postive press.

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