Lazy, bad mannered or just plain selfish?

Just every now and again I could scream.

Every day we hold interviews to enable people who are job seeking to register and come and present to us not just their credentials (Passport, ID checks etc) but also to chat about what they want so we can make a good match.  We offer Saturdays too as we know not everyone can get here during the week.

You would be surprised how many people don't bother to turn up and can't, don't or won't make the effort to phone, email or wite to let us know or to apologise.  If my team are prepared to give up a Saturday they expect people on the list to show.  Last week there were three who couldnt be bothered.  Particularly annoying as there was a waiting list.  How selfish is that?   Could we trust those people to turn up at a job interview?

On the day the snow was deep and crisp and even and not even London's buses were running, we had an interview candidate arrive on time who had walked to get here.  Good to know the world isnt totally going to pot.

On that note I am off for a little r&r.

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  •  :  As someone who has recently registered as a canddiate with Sue Hill Recruitment, I am surprised to hear people taking the process so lightly. I live in Scotland and I was extremely grateful for the flexibility offered me i.e. option of Saturdays or telephone interviews. I also found the guidance on what documentation to bring very clear. As it happens, I had business in London and was able to arrange a personal visit - I found the process to be encouraging and positive and felt my professional skills and experience and my personal hopes and dreams were all taken into consideration. The job market just now may not be all we could desire, but at least I know I have dedicated professionals working on my case.
  •  :  To answer your main question, NO! I do not feel that these people can be trusted to turn up to interview especially if there was not a valid reason and I would not present their CV to one of my clients. Your candidate who made it on a day without tube, bus or rail...well I would be selling him in to my clients, what professionalism!
  •  :  Unbelievable, especially in this day and age. It is analogous to people who don't turn up for doctor, dentist or hospital appointments as in all instances the appointment is for the benefit of the individual who has actually made the arrangement in the first place. If there is a genuine reason for a 'no show' then it is courtesy to let people know as soon as you are able. It's just plain rude and ignorant to behave otherwise. How could they expect anyone to put them forward for a job when the likelihood is that they would tarnish hard-earned reputations? Kathy (Ennis) and I are visiting several 'library schools' at the moment (representing the Membership Support Unit at CILIP) and talking about the importance of networking to enhancing professionalism (amongst other things). I think that we will be using Sue's experience as examples not to follow at the next few sessions!

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