Keeping your inner Beyonce under control


Being a little obsessed with fashion, I was interested to spot a Tweet a few days ago from The Guardian entitled ‘How to dress well for a job interview on a £30 budget’ article here

It can be a minefield knowing what to wear for a job interview.  If you are on a budget, or don’t even have an income from a job, it can become even more difficult.

With all the other things to remember when preparing for an interview, it can be easy to forget to plan your outfit.   First impressions are key.  Make the correct impact and always dress smartly and professionally at interview stage.   

The first impression you make to a potential employer is the most important one.  Generally the first judgement an interviewer will make, will be based upon how you look and what you are wearing, even if the environment is casual.  Dressing appropriately supports your image as a business person, somebody who takes the interview process seriously, and understands the nature of the industry in which you are trying to become employed.

If you are unsure about what to wear, try to arrange to be outside the oganisation’s office at the start or end of the day to assess how formal the dress code is.

I must admit that I wasn’t particularly impressed sartorially by the choices The Guardian’s Fashion Editor choose, although they  do admit to struggling on that budget to find a smart, quality outfit that included shoes!

Although not easy, it is possible to dress smartly on a budget.  Rope in friends or family and see who can lend you a smart handbag or formal tie for the day, and if you are really struggling to afford something appropriate, try these two charities that provide quality interview clothes and advice to out of work and/or low income women and men.

There are similar organisations outside London.

Just to end on a funny note, do try to keep your inner Beyonce under control at interview stage.  I was amused to read some of the comments at the end of The Guardian article in particular somebody reflecting as below:-

 I recall a girl coming in to our office for an interview wearing a nicely fitted black shirt, however when she walked past me, the back of the shirt had the word BEYONCE in glittery diamante across it’.

Have you seen or been a fashion fail at interview?

– Keri

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