Keep your mind and those options open!

The knock-on effect of the credit crunch affects everyone whether directly or indirectly. A few little ripples have disturbed our pond recently.  But it isn’t all bad news.

A law client put a job on hold, even though it was interview stage, as they were suspending all recruitment for the time being. Four keen candidates had to be told – sorry, don’t buy that new suit after all.

A candidate turned down an offer last week of an almost perfect job at an excellent salary and then heard that his job was being sidelined in a major reshuffle. Luckily that door was not closed and he went back and put his case for having an attack of the wobbles. The client understood and re-instated the job offer. (The moral here is the devil he did know turned out not to be as good as the devil he didn’t).

A very similar event happened a month ago and the candidate decided to stay where they were. They felt new job on offer was just too different and so it then went to the second choice (luckily they hadn’t been rejected). Sadly and a week later the first candidate was one of many to lose their job in the banking fall-out. How could you know?

Today a candidate called to say she had made an application for a job ‘outside of the box’ (and outside of London) just because her job in The City no longer had that busy buzz (but was probably safe).  To her surprise she got the job and is now about to start an exciting new venture with much to learn and keep her busy.  And no commute.

We’re noticing that permanent jobs are slightly less in number. Last week we took half of the usual number. However, candidates seeking permanent jobs are still plentiful. Temporary roles continue to hold up. Some of those fill within a day or two as there are certainly candidates around.  It will be interesting to see what November brings.

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