It’s all good here – Happy New Year

Sue Hill here.

As we enter 2014 let me start by wishing you all a very happy and fruitful new year.  We can see it is going to be a very different year for us.

We started by welcoming our colleagues at TFPL to Borough High Street.  Progility plc, who are our wonderful new owners, felt it would be good to have the two recruitment teams they acquired in 2013 under the one roof.   We will continue to work as separate entities and focus both on our unique and our shared candidates and clients.  It may mean an occasional fist fight in a corridor as we vie to be first to a candidate for a juicy job, but I doubt it.  A few days in and we are enjoying having new faces and colleagues with shared interests and similar work ethics.  Our ethics are and always have been to put our clients and candidates first.  This we will continue to do and as it is a core belief of both SHR and TFPL it will make it much easier to work together, separately and successfully!!

Many of you have asked what the future will be of the two businesses.  We are looking at that right now.  At this stage I can tell you it will be interesting and exciting and you can expect growth and plenty of new ideas and services.  We already have been joined by Paul Mewis who is establishing a Project Management Recruitment business for Progility, our parent company.

Other than that we can tell you that the new year has started with some old and familiar clients coming to us to recruit after several years of absence.  This can only be good news.  We are both working closely with a client who is setting up two new research centres in Europe, one in London and one in Germany.  Again, fantastic news. Add to this our clients who have continued to recruit throughout the recession and who are now giving us yet more jobs to work on and we see 2014 as looking more promising than many a recent year.

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