It was a struggle getting out of bed – but it was worth it!

To Birmingham for a hearty breakfast and animated discussion with a range of invited information managers at the Burlington Hotel on the topic of IM, KM, RM in the West Midlands conurbation: Attracting the skills.

Breakfast 004
Given the early hour conversation flowed as did the coffee. It was interesting to hear from those at the forefront of recruiting in the West Midlands that many issues faced match those in London and other cities. Of particular concern was that three years on from the closure of the Information courses at UCE, local employers had noticed a difference in numbers of locally based skilled applicants. Several were now using distance learning courses at Aberystwyth and other universities to fill skills gaps and to train existing staff members.

The current hot topic of quiet vs noisy libraries unsurprisingly came up and one Learning Resources Manager explained that a new policy of zero tolerance on noise in the LRC had resulted in buy in and appreciation by all those studying. Trying to tie this policy to study success will be harder but is on the agenda.

Another topic that engendered lively discussion and food for thought was the importance of aligning your service offering to the overall strategy of the organisation. This struck a resonance with all sectors represented.

We were delighted that the meeting endorsed our view that cross sectoral discussion and networking has a very positive value and that breakfast meetings, whilst not good for the waistline, are certainly good for morale.

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  •  :  What a great start to the day.... and despite my early doubts about needing to get into central Birmingham for a 7.45am start.... I'm not a natural early riser! Making the effort was well worthwhile however as I met a sprinkling of interesting fellow information people (working in and around the second city) and, stirred by Sue and her colleagues, we enjoyed a lively and stimulating discussion on issues facing the profession. Fuelled by a very pleasant breakfast I suspect that we could have continued talking for quite some time. There aren't many nicer ways to start a working day. Thanks very much to Sue+Sue+Jeremy+Margaret and my fellow breakfasters for making me feel excited about potential again.
  •  :  As I represent Sue Hill Recruitment in the Midlands, I was anxious that people in my home patch would be willing to turn up so early in the morning to join my colleagues from London. I needn't have worried! We had a really good mix of people and backgrounds and I think everyone enjoyed meeting and talking with people from other information sectors that they wouldn't normally come across. Conversation flowed and nobody seemed to be in a rush to get off to their day jobs!
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