Is your CV ready?

You’ve probably heard it said before but it bears repetition, ‘treat your CV as a marketing document’, and what is important about all marketing?  It’s current.

I have told many people how essential it is to have an up to date CV ready to roll and recently I was required to practise what I preach when I was required to submit my CV as part of a tender with a tight deadline.  I hadn’t updated my CV in almost four years and had in fact lost it, so with a sigh of resignation I was faced with a blank A4 page and the problem of trying to calculate what year I graduated.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that half an hour later I was done!

Keeping on top of your CV is important but it doesn’t have to be tedious or time consuming. We recently helped someone find a new job at a government agency.  When we spoke to her about the job the deadline for application was the following day and her CV was nowhere near current; ‘I will send you an updated version in a week or so.’  Luckily she was persuaded to bring this to the top of her to-do list (a subject close to Fiona’s heart) and a week later rather than sending us an updated CV she had already been offered the job.

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  •  :  I was very interested to read Jeremy's comments on the importance of updating your CV regularly. As someone who has been temping for 14 years - I know, scary isn't it! I know all too well the importance of an updated CV. At the end of each contract I would update with any new skills I had acquired, or any projects I had been involved in. I found it useful to always keep a copy on a memory stick or floppy. I asked recruitment consultants at Sue Hill for feedback, which was always useful as they get to know the sort of CVs employers respond to and those they don't! I must admit it took me hours of honing to come up with a CV I was really happy with. After 14 years of temping I finally decided to apply for a permanent post through Jeremy at Sue Hill. I was a little scared that my many jobs would make me look scatty to potential employers, but I played up my strengths and it worked! So, I would say, play around with your CV every now and then and get expert feedback from Jeremy. It won't do you any harm!

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