Introduction to Recruitment

After 4 months as trainee
recruitment consultant for market research I’ve been on an “Introduction to
Recruitment” 2-day training course. The timing was perfect: right before I
started developing habits in approaching clients and candidates and after I got
a feel of the job and understood in more detail how things work and should

We were a group of 5 people, with
varied background and industry experience. This made the discussions more
interesting, as everyone had a different view on everything. The most obvious
difference was between temp and perm recruiters in their approach to planning
and structuring their interview and client calls and meetings. Temp recruiters
approach work in a more dynamic way, so they’ll have less time to plan and
research because the clients need to fill the role tomorrow. Perm recruiters on
the other hand, will make more time to plan and research candidates before
interviews to avoid mistakes (“road blocks” or “deal breakers”) which can slow
down the recruitment process even more.

Some other things we covered were
Proactive Client Development, Successful Recruitment Consultants and, of course,
the predictable and omnipresent Employment Law. There were things I have heard
before and was glad to hear them again from an objective party. There was new
information which opened my eyes and, hopefully, will improve the way I work
from now on.

– Alex

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