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Whilst trying to conduct a small piece of research I came across this article on the BBC website concerning being easily distracted by various new real time communication and information tools.  I believe that tools such as IMs, RSS feeds, e-mails etc do have a great purpose and use.  However, then I realised I had been online for about 3 hours.  I'm running skype, an IM called Adium, RSS feeds, 6 tabs open on my browser, a twitter widget, e-mails with alerts, iTunes running connected to so I can see not only what I'm listening to but what tunes my chums are listening to and now instead of actually conducting research, I'm blogging about it.

Are these tools a joyful distraction which leaves me without getting the job done or am I multitasking and utilising the information age to it's fullest, which leaves me more capable of accessing the richness that online resources has to offer?  I know which option I would like to think.

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  •  :  I do get some of my most focused work done on the train where I have no internet connection so I suppose that is an indication but sometimes it is nice to have the distractions. You should be able to press a "Work for an Hour" button that cuts all your IM, email and twitter traffic and blocks entertainment sites from your browser for an hour.
  •  :  We had a power outage in Borough High Street last week. For a few blissful hours, we could do nothing but read, file, write 'to-do' lists, communicate and generally catch up with all the internal 'stuff' that often gets forgotten. If any one designs a "Work for an Hour" button I will buy it. My New Year resolution was to turn email off for at least one morning a week!

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