Indescribable Payroll

Many candidates are memorable for many different reasons – a name you can't quite pronounce, they always speak softly or someone who laughs no matter what you’re talking about, for example. But when you find yourself looking forward to sifting through the Monday post you know it will be hard to forget this particular candidate. 

A few weeks before the end of last year we started receiving post that was addressed to payroll in imaginative and frankly very funny ways. 

From sparkles to sabre-toothed, the payroll team has never sounded so exciting or felt so loved. The childish excitement built up in Suzanne and me so much that we still can’t wait to see the next description on Monday mornings.     

Here is a little taster of these good mood generating descriptions: 

Silky-coated, bright eyed payroll, Sue Hill Recruitment and Legends Ltd

Feathered, furry, feral payroll, Sue Hill Recruitment and Safari Ltd

We often focus and fret about things that seem like such a big deal, but which in the grand scheme of things are insignificant. Yet it's these quirks of everyday life that put it all into perspective and, even for just a few seconds, put a smile on your face. 

So to give you a smile, starting next week we are going to tweet some of the wonderful descriptions.  

Thank you Mina for making us smile, giving us a glimpse into your imagination and for letting us share it with our friends. You shiny, all-singing, bright eyed lady you!

– Shelley

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