The continued impact of Records Management

Our latest networking breakfast at Roast took
Sue Hill and me a little by surprise as it had a
different vibe to our usual round-table, Chatham House rules discussions. A
table of ten women, the majority worked on the information/research side and
with two in records management. Interestingly two
decisions were made at table to join the IRMS after discussion about what a
positive and all-encompassing organisation it is.

conversation about records management was fascinating – however I'll be forever grateful that I'm not responsible for 5m
boxes!" fed back one information manager.

is not the principal concern for implementing records management. It is all
about risk. Which is, in turn, about money and reputation, the loss of
which…costs money. Indeed one department previously called Loss Prevention
became Risk Management. Why still so many paper records, one delegate asked
another. Different countries have different requirements, for example Latin
America is a paper-based culture whilst in China, electronic documents are
inadmissible in court. Records Management is burgeoning, as is copyright and
licensing. And the interest in it is really positive. Having recently attended the IRMS Conference in Brighton, Sue was full of energy and enthusiasm for the organisation. Much of what she heard and talked about with delegates had a real impact and Sue recounted some of this at the table.

In talking about technology, we touched
on “the right to be forgotten” and our own online legacy. How timely that I
read this morning the EU ruling that “EU
data privacy law
does not give citizens the "right to be
forgotten," the bloc's court indicated on Tuesday (25 June).”

A timely warning was given by
one attendee to always have an exit plan. Don’t assume things will stay the
same. More on this in a future blog from Sue.

What did
people take away from breakfast, apart from our latest newsletter and the very
exclusive SHR post-it pads? A broadened mind; Inspiration; "That I can
jump out of the plane and it will be ok".

My takeaway, apart from wishing I could
make such perfect poached eggs? The wonderful description of a model employee –
“Someone who looks after the stuff.”

– Suzanne

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