Hollywood Librarian hits Borough High Street, SE1!

It is with great pleasure that we are able to screen  The Hollywood Librarian  – at our annual temporary workers party on Tuesday 23 September in London. 

Ann Seidl’s ‘The Hollywood Librarian‘ is an engaging and often humorous look Librarians through Film and is the first full-length documentary film to focus on the work and lives of librarians.  It is the sort of film you wish you had thought of making yourself.  In fact some organisations perhaps should have got there first!

If you haven’t seen it it is well worth taking the time out to see the film. (Like all films it is a bit Marmite – you either love it or ………) There is a diary of upcoming screenings on the website.  Many of these are in the UK and offer a good geographical spread not just in London.

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  •  :  Last night was my second viewing of The Hollywood Librarian and I found I was moved yet again by the passion communicated by the people on screen to their chosen profession - and also by those raising funds to keep libaries open. The Librarian from Hewlett-Packard, Eugenie Prime, sparkled every time she was on screen and her use of the words "freedom is the power to choose" stayed with me along with the final statistic about money spent in the US... I won't give this away as it has real impact at the end of the film. I'd love to see a UK version of the film!
  •  :  We have been delighted to get some great feedback today from those who attended the Annual Temporary Workers party last night. I was really quite moved by the film, and I think a lot of others who attended last night were too. It is a fantastic film, showing several Librarians that are so passionate about the important work that they do. I think it struck a chord with a lot of people there on the night.
  •  :  I echo Suzanne's idea of a UK version. Do we have such passionate librarians willing to fund raise, lobby and sacrifice their salaries to keep a public library open? For me it was the prisoners in California who valued and saw the service they get from the public library as being pivotal to their future 'freedom'. Using the library to learn, complete courses etc. is giving them choices! another 'given' for many of us and that then loops back to Freedom. Seeing an articulate guy talk passionately about the library service and how he hopes his parole board goes well after 23 years!! We can only imagine his crimes- but the library service has been his salvation for sure.
  •  :  Thanks for a great party, and a good idea to combine it with showing The Hollywood Librarian. I enjoyed the film, although I found the film editing to be a bit scratchy at times. In terms of content I felt it was trying to cover too much ground, and sometimes jumped around from topic to topic without following a clear thread. But on the whole I came away from the film feeling humbled at just what a valuable and important role libraries and librarians play in the community, and what a bargain we are when compared to the vast sums of money being spent, and some might say being wasted, elsewhere.
  •  :  I thought the film was good and interesting. I was pleased to see some of the comments people thought about our Temps Party so I'd like to share some of them: "I enjoyed it tremendously! My Nancy Pearl doll means so much more now I've seen the real person!" "Super party on Tuesday. The film was good - made me remember why I wanted to be a librarian. Also good networking and meeting old friends". "It was a really interesting evening and it was a pleasure to meet you and others from the team who I have not spoken to before." "It was very nice to meet you all last night, and I really enjoyed the Hollywood Librarian! I met some really interesting people and was delighted to win a bottle of fizz!" "Thanks to all for a lovely evening and enjoyable screening of The Hollywood Librarian. After a challenging day in the library it was a much welcomed treat!" "Enjoyed the party a lot, and it was good to finally meet you. Also a good idea to combine the party with the film." "It was nice to meet you and all of Sue's staff as well, and I really enjoyed the evening and got home fast and safely."
  •  :  I enjoyed the film 'The Hollywood Librarian' and the party provided by Sue Hill was a very pleasant evening. In terms of the UK, there are certainly public libraries which have had to campaign to remain open, so there is plenty of scope for a UK version of the film. One such library is the Surrey Performing Arts Library in Dorking, where I worked from 2000-2006. Back in 1997, they were threatened with closure by the Council, and members of the public mounted a successful campaign to keep it open. Other public music libraries have not been so lucky, and they still need all the support from the public that they can get. A documentary film could help raise awareness of the need for this important resource.

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