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Yesterday marked the 25th birthday of the internet. The scary thing for me was turning to my colleague who wasn't born in 1989 and has no recollection of a world without the world wide web.

I'm reminded of a stand-up comic (alas I cannot remember their name) who jests along the lines.

Imagine going back in time to the 1970s and telling the people that you meet that in a few decades time they will be able to hold a device in their hands from which they will be able to access the sum of human knowledge but instead it is far more likely they will use it to look at cute pictures of cats doing the funniest things.

Today we use the internet for so many different things; our jobs, shopping, online banking, checking those elusive facts in an all-important pub discussion, etc. But what did we used to use it for when it first existed?

The first time I used the internet was in Ferndown public library to research an essay on Wuthering Heights. Do you remember your first time?

– Jeremy



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  •  :  I can't remember what I first used the internet for. It is one of things that has crept into so many corners of our everyday lives it is hard to remember it not being there. I do remember 1996 in my first law firm job doing the training for several hundred fee earners and having to describe the difference between a website and a webpage - we used a Lotus Notes browser. Then it was about company research and very soon government departments were on the internet. It seems hard to believe but I remember when Amazon first came into existence and the discussions we had about whether it would really take off...
  •  :  I went on a course on how to use the internet back in 1995 and, as I was none the wiser about it when I went home, I asked for my money back! I also remember saying to the managing partner at the consulting firm (where I ran the information department) that we should "get" the internet for use by all the consultants but he didn't agree.....

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