Going over the top

Quite a long way downWhat’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? I can now say
without a shadow of a doubt that it was abseiling down Battersea Power Station
last Saturday. More specifically, it was going over the edge at the top,
knowing there was a 130ft drop below me. I wasn’t, I should point out, just trying
to scare myself, we were taking part in the abseil to raise money for Cancer
Research UK
(organised by City of London Friends of CRUK).

I’m not particularly scared of heights, but when the nice
chap from Mile End Climbing said; “now
you’re going to lean back, pivot round the bar and step down on to the side of
the building
” I did find myself thinking “I’m going to do what now!? I don’t
think I am you know, that doesn’t sound very likely at all.” But I was wrong. I
did do it. Quite slowly, in baby steps at first, but I got myself down on to
the side of the building. And once you’re over the edge it’s not so bad, even
quite enjoyable.

My advice? Next time you’re hesitating about taking that
step ‘over the edge’, remember that everything is much easier once you’ve taken
that first step. Been putting off writing your CV or that covering letter
because you think it’ll be a slog? It’s much less daunting once you’ve actually

Oh, it almost goes without saying, but it does help if you’ve
got some good friends at the bottom cheering you on! (Thanks guys, and thanks too to our lovely sponsors)


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