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treat is the next in the series of guest blogs from our sponsored LIKE
attendees, this time it’s the turn of Heather Williams to share her thoughts on
the day:

The LIKE Ideas conference was an afternoon
of presentations and networking, entitled 'From Big Data to Little Apps; How
you can access, present and deliver information in the workplace'.

The keynote speaker, Dom Pollard,
characterised 'big data' in terms of it variety, velocity and volume. Both Dom
and the next speaker, Michael Agar, stressed the importance of data analysis
and visualisation; infographics.

Manny Cohen, considered mobile app
development in the context of technological change, after comparing 2009 to
2013, he got us all to think forward to possibilities we can imagine for 2018,
2023, 2028. All delegates were divided up into eight competing teams. The team
that was most loudly applauded on presenting its ideas got champagne.

James Mullan spoke of information management
in a law firm, particularly with enterprise search and with an intranet.
Monique Ritchie told us of Big Data in academic research. Andrew Grave compared
technological possibilities for data processing in 2004 and 2013.

final summing up of the presentations stressed firstly, the scope for
application of information and knowledge management skills. Then the additional
skills required by information professionals were addressed, such as the
knowledge of how to analyse data.

this conference, an area that I had not previously understood was explained and
related to both my current and my potential future experience as an information
professional. It was also a very enjoyable afternoon.

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