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The next in our series of LIKE Ideas winners blogs comes from Emily GreshamShe also blogs over at Off the Record, for the ARA New Professionals so do check out her other posts.


As a
first-time attendee at the LIKE Ideas conference I was a little unsure of what
to expect from the day. Would everyone else know what big data was? Would they
all be wrangling with the possibilities already? Would my lack of knowledge
make it difficult to chat with other delegates about the talks? I quickly found
there was no need to worry. I have never attended an event where so many
delegates have been so keen to mingle and chat about their interests, roles and
the points raised in the talks.

I wasn't the only person to arrive at the conference with an understanding of
big data which stretched to "some sort of large data set that had
potential to be put to good use". We stood corrected minutes into the
first presentation as Dom Pollard told us that big data is "big" not
just because of its volume, but also because of the variety or velocity of the
data. He explained that what makes data "big data" is an
organisation's inability to manage, store or analyse it within their
traditional infrastructure. So what is considered to be big data by one
organisation, may not be to another.

this brilliant introduction, speakers focused on the practicalities of
visualising big data (Michael Agar), developing big data solutions (Manny
), looking at the challenges faced (Andrew Grave) and using our skills to
meet these challenges (Monique Ritchie).


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