Friday Fun – Santa


Last week over on the TFPL blog I rounded up 5 of my favourite Christmas tree related items, so this week it’s Santa’s turn. Santa can be a bit a scary, but I have resisted the urge to include the ‘top 7 Santas with a bladed weapon’ list  which I found – if you want that, you’ll have to use your information retrieval skills to find it.

  1. As I managed to miss him out from the festive reading earlier in the week David Sedaris is making an entry here with one of his Christmas themed essays, this one is on cultural differences between Santas (as it’s not a reading list you can have the audio version).
  2. Mashable’s round up of late 19th and early 20th century images of Santa definitely falls into the ‘disturbing’ category – I think number 2 will be giving me nightmares but I can’t decide which looks most like Gandalf…
  3. The World’s largest Santa was 15.6m tall, 11m wide and put in his appearance in Singapore in 1996.
  4. Running around dressed as Santa is oddly popular as this gallery of Santa runs from around the world shows (I would have thought it’d be a bit warm, except the Santas in Speedos in Massachusetts).
  5. Have you ever been asked an awkward question in an interview? Imagine how Santa must feel having to negotiate this hiring process.


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