Friday Fun – Festive Cheer

ReindeerHappy Friday everyone – I had a number of ideas for this week's 'Friday Fun', carols, reindeer, glitter (ok- not glitter) but as the days ticked by and the world news got more and more depressing I thought I'd just stick to five festive things which have cheered me this week.

1. Residents of The Avenues in Hull have turned their streets into a giant advent calendar – every day a different house lights up a window with a new display. Pictures of the first 15 days can be found here.

2. You'll notice the title of this blog is 'festive' not 'Christmas', that's because I'm including American-Jewish artist Hannah Rothstein's Dr. Dreidal. It's a dreidal with Dr. Dre on it and is immensely pleasing, sadly it's not for sale.

3. Other pleasing objects I've learnt of the existence of this week are the Joy Division oven gloves and Ol' Dirty B*****d socks featured in the Guardian's cultural gift guide. The socks are particularly bizarre as they have a Monet painting for a background. As you do.

4. Spirit of Christmas award (or something similar, I'm not quite sure how to categorise this) goes to these two children. Their father was trying to teach them a lesson in gratitude by letting them open one terrible Christmas present early – it didn't go as planned, they loved the onion and the banana.

5. Pet owners! Got your tree up yet? Perhaps you have already had to contend with scenes like these as your cat opens hostilities in the annual war with your decorations (I know we've had some tinsel consumed already). Sadly I haven't been able to find an equivalent dog compilation, but I'm sure there's one out there.

Hopefully something there has raised a smile in time for the weekend (The festive picture is me back in 2007 with a genuine reindeer in Lapland, the elf however is just a Finn in costume).

– Gemma


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