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Went to the latest in CLSIG's series of evening seminars last night. This one was on PR and Media Know-how for personal and organisational effectiveness and was presented by Matthew Mezey, news editor of CILIP's Library and Information Update.

Matthew's tip that provoked the most comment was from Tony Kendrick on internal marketing – don't try and promote your information unit by saying "we've got stuff", management will only see the cost and you'll be downsized. Instead show how the information centre helps users via case studies, ROI interviews, stories and evidence. Particularly effective is the construction "one day ___ came into the library and she ___ which enabled her to ___". I think lots of those present will be using that.

It was also interesting get tips on how to get your press release noticed from a news editor who is sent press releases every day. Matthew stressed particularly the importance of a good title – "Upheaval in the financial markets sharpens the focus on information governance" is far more likely to catch his attention than "press release 4025"!

We also discussed the importance of having a comms strategy for your information unit/organisation, the importance of the human touch – building a personal relationship with "big 5" journalists – and PR 2.0, how to capitalise on all the new channels available to you. Such as blogging – so that's at least one thing ticked off, phew.

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  •  :  Hi Fiona, Glad you found some of my presentation useful - I was certainly trying to touch rather a lot of bases. Too many really - from traditional PR to 'PR 2.0', and both internal and external promotion. I even threw in something about the 'Getting Things Done' personal productivity system, that's a bit of a cult among many (overloaded) info geeks ;-) Terry - not Tony - Kendrick has a lot of great insights on internal marketing and beyond. Do go on one of his CILIP courses some time :-) I hope to blog about the event on CILIP's Update blog later today... And, yes, you all certainly seem to have cracked blogging really well. Matthew Mezey (News Editor, Library and Information Update magazine)

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