Dancing with the demons in our minds

Although you wouldn't know it the other 364 days of the year, there are some closet (and some not so closet) Eurovision fans working across the Sue Hill / TFPL / Progility Recruitment teams. So on Saturday night, like many others (6.6 million UK viewers and many more across Europe and the rest of the world – big shout out to our Australian cousins!) there were pockets of library recruiters sat at home or at Eurovision parties getting overly excited as the results flowed in. Having now won twice in the last four years and three times since 2000, Sweden are indeed the ‘heroes of our time’ as far as Eurovision is concerned.

I accept that we at Borough High Street have now probably succumbed to voting fever (first the general election, now Eurovision), but we thought in honour of Sweden we should ask the voting public (or at least the Eurovision-supporting section with an investment in libraries) to nominate their favourite Swedish library, because we have learnt they have some belters. Why not tell us your favourite.

So here goes, your choices are:

1. Lund University Library










2. Malmö City Library












3. Stockholm Public Library (Wall of Knowledge)












4. Halmstad City Library












5. Uppsala University Library





















Over to you Nigella for the UK vote …


– Victoria Sculfor & Jeremy Clarke

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