Creative Industries Recruitment Meeting at the REC

Our yesterday morning started with a REC event about recruitment trends in the creative industries. Pay, bonuses, candidate shortages, diversity, laws and regulations were few of the issues we covered. However the most interesting one for me was finding out about "The Good Recruitment Campaign". (#GoodRecruitmentCampaign)

Resourcing the right way is the general message. Briefly, this campaign, created by business for businesses, exists to promote the positive influence of good recruitment practices on organisational success. The project is still in its infancy, but there are a few names you might recognize who are already part of it like Arsenal, Santander or Royal Mail.

It is great to see that the recruitment industry is making an effort and succeeding (slow but steady) in changing its reputation from a client perspective; and I'm proud to say we're happily doing our part at SHR.


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