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A question:  As reported in a Guardian blog today, some of the bigger search companies are experimenting with more comprehensive search results.  Yahoos example is GLUE.  You can do a simple search and you are presented with not just links to websites, but images, videos, news results, etc.

Another example is CUIL which was originally touted as the Google killer.

Well, I was wondering how popular and useful people find these search engines.  Are they encouraging users to move away from their beloved Google?  Any thoughts?

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  •  :  I am never to sure about these types of search engine. I don't know if it's just that I am so used to Google's style of results but the others all seem to be making up for bad results but splashing on lots of pretty pictures. If I want pictures then I click on the photos link at the top of the page. Google is still getting me the results I want to I will stick with them for a bit longer. Did you see the new WikiSearch that Google have launched? I am not to sure that it is greatly useful but interesting none the less. john

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