Companies struggling with increased job applicant numbers

New research from Ochre House indicates the larger pool of candidates generated by the economic downturn has actually made recruitment more difficult rather than easier.

A senior HR manager at a major retailer said, “We have seen a dramatic increase in applications per position and despite this leading to a larger candidate pool, it has almost doubled the administration time required to process new applications. Our percentage of applications rejected at the initial CV check stage has risen from 40% to over 75%. This has made candidate relationship management a much more lengthy process.”

Aspen Partners has also found this to be the case. Director
Andrew Mountney said, “We are hearing anecdotal evidence from
recruiters of individual roles receiving upwards of 300 applicants
within 24 hours of going live where a year ago responses would have
been in single figures. Lean recruitment teams already under headcount
pressure are simply not equipped in many cases to deal with these
volumes and are unable to respond to candidate groups with high

Organisations may be at risk of permanently damaging their reputations if they are unable to deal with unprecedented levels highly skilled applicants when they recruit in the current market. Candidates still expect a prompt response and to receive feedback on their applications and can easily vent their frustrations through networking sites. Companies may permanently put off rejected talent now who would be valuable to the organisation in the future.

So how can recruiting companies avoid this? Well, I know I would say this, but using a recruitment agency and particularly one that is a specialist in your field could save a lot of time and effort. Recruitment agencies can pre-screen applicants to ensure you only get the most relevant CVs to choose from.  They can also manage the application process for candidates on your behalf. Something to take into consideration anyway when weighing up the recruitment options.

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