CILIP AGM 2013 and Professional Role Models

Brum one
Brum two

This is the
second year that CILIP have held the AGM outside London. I think this is an
excellent initiative, and I hope it will continue. The New Library of
Birmingham was a fantastic choice of venue, and I can thoroughly recommend a
visit to this amazing building.

Avid social
media watchers will no doubt already have seen the results of the voting on
three important AGM motions. The proposed name change from CILIP to ILPUK was
rejected, free student membership was approved, and a motion of no confidence
in Ed Vaizey, UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative
Industries, was passed.

It was clear
that these three motions in particular had stirred up high emotions. I would
have preferred to see as much time allocated and energy devoted to real
discussion and debate around these issues (and the Vaizey motion in particular)
as seemed to be allowed for questions on the finer detail of procedure and points of order –
but that’s meetings and committees for you!

The award of
Honorary Fellowships took pride of place at the meeting, and I found it
genuinely inspiring to hear about the work of those receiving the awards:
Alistair Allen, Peter Griffiths,
Jan Parry and posthumously to Norman Briggs. I was fascinated to hear more about
Norman Briggs’ career in military intelligence and Soviet Studies, and was extremely moved by Jan Parry’s account of her work with the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

If ever you
need reassurance that your own work can make a real difference, never mind the  fighting around professional rebranding, these
are the people from whom to take your lead.


– Donald Lickley

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  •  :  I think the problem with the Vaizey motion was that it came at the end of a long session and people were obviously anxious to go off for a comfort break/lunch/just go home. I can understand the 11am start, but why wasn't there a short break at about 1230 with light refreshments provided?
  •  :  Yes, I'm sure you're right Charles. However considering the number of people in the meeting who voted against the motion, I'm still surprised that noone had prepared a statement opposing it. It would have been good to hear some coherent public arguments against it, rather than the passive-aggressive social media activity that took place prior to the meeting.

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