CIG Seminar and AGM

Last night was the CIG AGM and seminar at Balls Brothers at the Minster.  Although I didn’t attend the AGM, the seminar was very insightful.  The theme of the evening was Green Issues: Helping you to see the woods from the trees and there was a very interesting guest speaker, Gina Nason, Information Manager at the Environment Agency.  The aim of her talk was to point organisations in the right direction when trying to become more environmentally aware in the work place.  Where do organisations start and what can they do to get their Green Credentials?  Gina showed us many websites and portals where this information can be found and what she has also done is created her own site where all this information is in one place;

The second half of the seminar was led by our very own wonderful Suzanne Wheatley, stepping in at the last minute to deliver a group session.  Suzanne got the ball rolling by giving a brief talk on the issues relating to businesses and how we try to be green, using examples of what we do here at SHR.  Suzanne then split us into 3 groups so we could swap ideas and generally get chatting to one another about ideas we had to be environmentally savvy at work.  In my group we started off talking quite general about our own work place and experience, but also shared our thoughts.  Some people were quite cynical by their own admittance by what their company were doing.  There was a feeling that the larger companies were simply putting green initiatives in place as it was a better selling point.  It was also felt that smaller companies were probably being green for the right reasons.  However the overall opinion was that it doesn’t matter why people are doing it, it is just great that they are.  We also discussed how we could cut down on the amount of paper waste we all produce and one idea, that is working, is instead of sending out flyers/direct mail/e-mails is to brand USB sticks, place your information on that and send that out to your clients.  Apparently the feedback was that when customers receive the USB’s they can’t help but stick it straight into their computer to fid out what’s on it.  Also  they have a fully functioning USB stick to keep and use, all branded and everything.

There was some lovely food served afterwards and we all got a chance to mingle and chat.  We were all swapping stories of bears, long distance running and occasionally work related issues.  A good time was had by all and I think everyone enjoyed having the chance to use a seminar to talk to one another.

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  •  :  Glad you enjoyed the evening Katharine. I too found Gina's presentation very useful, and Suzanne's discussion session was a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and experiences (in fact, we may now incorporate a discussion session at the end of every CiG seminar, as Suzanne's proved to be such a success!). See you at the next CiG event. Jill

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