Bringing new meaning to the term email management

The government has announced new plans requiring internet service providers (ISPs) to keep information about every e-mail sent or received in the UK for a year from March 2009. The ISPs will make the information available to any public body which makes a lawful request. That could include police, local councils and health authorities.

Whether or not you want to argue the toss over civil liberties and European Human Rights, let's for a second put aside recent trends of pressures upon privacy.

There are already talks of moving this email storage programme from the hands of the ISPs and instead developing a central government database. This raises the question, do we trust the government to keep so much personal information safely?

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  •  :  Duh! Well, No. Name me one database that hasn't been shown to be in accurate or compromised by being left ona train. Go on! Try!

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