Breaking Bad (Habits)

HabitsHow to break a habit … or start a new one

currently have a book floating around at home called The Power of Habit: Why We
Do What We Do and How to Change by Charles Duhigg.

The book
explores why habits exist and how they can be changed.  Along the way it asks why some people
and companies struggle to change, despite years of trying, while others seem to
remake themselves overnight and  is divided into the habits of individuals, the
habits of successful organisations and the habits of societies.

Tiny Habits

As I don’t seem to have much time to sit down and enjoy a
book at length at the moment, I was interested to learn of a program that helps
people to start small habit breaking or to form positive routines and build
from those.  Participants choose to focus
on three ‘tiny habits’ that require very little motivation to add to their
daily routine.  For Example:

  • As soon as  I arrive home from work I will walk the dog
  • Whilst I have my morning cup of coffee I will
    write a small ‘to do’ list
  • Next time I am food shopping I will avoid the
    snack section at the supermarket

Developed by
Researcher and Stanford professor, BJ Fogg he encourages you to celebrate the
completion of each tiny habit, and to slowly (and naturally) build upon the
ones you have created in the past.

Habits can
be more powerful than we realize. Often we act from our subconscious, doing
what we are used to or have done in the past. Whether you are struggling to
complete a diet at home or work through your to do list at the office it is
possible to break past patterns of behaviour by focusing on new ones.  Basically, that we do have the freedom
and responsibility to remake our habits.

– Keri

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