Breakfast – records, risk, storage and reviews

early morning sunshine flooded the Floral Hall at Roast today and with it our
conversations grew and gathered pace. So much so that Donald had to rein us in
to just the one thread of discussion at one time. What is 2013 doing for you?
That was our starting point and it brought up positives and negatives. From
work being a positive distraction to the need for peace and quiet in an
open-plan office.

occupancy and natural daylight to losing a box of Jimmy Choos, where we sit and
where and how we store things – working environments occupied much of our time.
Taking the positive view of space reviews and office moves, enforced
housekeeping can be beneficial. It also allows the opportunity to engage with
business functions on a deeper level, working with them to understand their
archiving needs while at the same time being close enough to reinforce the
vital issue of compliance and ensure risk is managed. The clamping down on homeworking due to risk and
security concerns is another interesting development. We talked about culture
change, moving between sectors. Is there really any difference between public
and private? Is the public sector more progressive? The battles are the same in
any sector. I will take away this thought from today’s breakfast – in order to
get that win, it’s about taking on someone else’s viewpoint to understand how
they see what you’re trying to do. Walk a mile in their shoes.

– Suzanne and Donald