Breakfast Discussion Group

Once a month a group of senior strategic managers from different sectors gather for breakfast at Roast in Borough Market for Breakfast and discussion of a topic of interest to the industry.  At the most recent event I found the discussion on "Differentiating between IM, RM, KM and any other ‘M’!" very interesting and stimulating.

I heard people discussing such varied aspects as ‘why so many different special interest groups?’, ‘who is the voice of the information industry to the outside world, or are key messages lost in the cacophony?’, ‘whose budget does records management fall into?’ and ‘does Generation Y care where their information comes from or if a librarian is sitting behind the website – and should it matter?’.

With a different mix of participants attending each month, discussing a series of different though related topics (the next one scheduled later this month will be around ‘How could the Profession learn and share best practice across sectors without secrecy and animosity’), I find it illuminating to hear professionals from vendors, government, finance, law, public libraries or other organisations sharing their issues, views and ideas.  Everyone seems to be facing similar problems, and to be surprised that colleagues from other sectors are having the same issues as themselves!

If you would like to know more about the SHR cross-sectoral networking breakfast meetings please contact Sue Edgar.