Blogging resolutions

I don't generally hold with making New Year's resolutions. I think January is too cold and depressing a month to start anything new (unless it's spending more time on the sofa under a blanket and that would be a pointless resolution) and definitely not the time to give anything up – you need all the comforts you can get at this time of year.

However I recently saw a post to a New Zealand libraries list on what the author (Stuart Yeates, author of Open Source Exile amongst others) looks for when he is blogging. There were four things:

(a) A topic that's 'hot' either because it's in the news, because it's come up in the readership community or because it's something that you're doing (an event, milestone or interesting task). If the topic is new, shiny and exciting, this can't help but come through in the writing.

(b) A different take or point of view on the topic that your readership isn't likely to be getting from elsewhere. If you're repeating views expressed elsewhere, why should your readership read your blog rather than elsewhere?

(c) Some local resource, service or context connected with the topic.
This connects the topic not only to your institution / location but also brings what can be remote foreign issues home to the readership.

(d) Useful links. Once you've piqued someone's interest, you want them to be able to explore the issues and resources. You also need to support even vaguely controversial claims with a link to more information.

I think this is a useful quick checklist to run through when considering what to write about and I will definitely be using these principles as a guide in 2009. I guess that's a resolution of sorts?

Anything else you would add to the list?

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