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Our first guest blog of the week is from Gil Fewings – another of the SHR sponsored attendees at the LIKE Ideas conference – Gil came all the way up from Plymouth to join us for day, and I'm pleased to say she was not disappointed!

– Gemma

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What an excellent
way to spend an afternoon – new people, new concepts, new ways of learning and

It was especially valuable to have a mix of industry and
information professionals – the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of Big Data and its impact
on us all.

Dom Pollard from the Big Data Insight Group was up first, he
handily provided an explanation of what Big Data actually is and how we can
make it work for us – the message being ‘see it as an asset’ for marketing,
sharing, creating and collaborating.

Michael Agar from Michael Agar Design followed up, showing
us how to make it attractive, engaging and accessible (useful for any of us who
need to engage with a broad variety, or technophobe, audiences).

The next speaker, Manny Cohen (Chairman of the RM Group),
got us all thinking about where it will take us all next – helped along by the
added motivation of a prize for the best contribution!

The final group of speakers – Andrew Grave, James Mullan and
Monique Ritchie gave us a series of quick insights – for getting value out of
your data, using tools like data dashboards and a final reassurance from
Monique Ritchie not to be afraid of it all – we already have a number of the
necessary transferable skills – we just need to recognise it.

Really useful and inspiring stuff.

The venue couldn’t have been better, either – the St Brides
Foundation – which also offers courses in printmaking. Which, after all is
where Big Data really began.

A HUGE, HUGE  thank
you to Sue Hill Recruitment and the LIKE Group– I couldn’t have got here
without you, and I would have missed a great day. Although I’m tucked away down
here in Plymouth, I’d love to keep in touch. How about a webinar link? I’d hate
to waste all this shiny new knowledge!  

Gil Fewings

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