Anarchy and apocalypse in the records store

Tonight's meeting of the IRMS London Group saw a thoroughly entertaining performance from KPMG's Stephen Bonner which felt more like a pitch to a bunch of Hollywood producers than it did a networking event.

In addition to some interesting and provoking theories about the threats of cyber security (or lack of it), Stephen treated his audience to snippets of the future which are straight out of a sci-fi film course. He brought us the value of forgotten archives from Indiana Jones, things best left well alone from The Thing, and cyborgs from the Terminator franchise. What's more he brought sweets in a genius move that forever answers my question of how you encourage a group of people to engage with and contribute to a presentation, despite the 36 degree heat outside.

Joking aside, Stephen is a convincing and creative speaker who shared his expertise on informations security and risk and wrote a script which places the humble (or perhaps not) Records Manager in a leading role as hero of the apocalyptic future of cyber security. When the internet dies, the skills of the information and records management community will, like grains of sand, build sandbanks which will save the world from rising tides. It's an image which is as inspiring as it is dark, but it certainly makes you think.

Concept of the evening, what skills to teach your children in preparation for a dystopian future? ISO27001 – NO, how to handle a cross-bow – YES.

– Jeremy Clarke



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