Agile Projects, Gamification and High Performers: Connect-Ed Networking Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien

How do you manage projects in an culture of rapid change? What are the best strategies for managing high performing colleagues? Can you convince senior managers of the benefits of gamification?

These were the starting points of some of our discussions round the table at our second Connect-Ed breakfast of 2015 at Le Pain Quotidien.

There were no quick answers to any of these questions, but there was certainly plenty of lively debate from our breakfast guests. We covered the benefits  of Agile project methodology and considered the difficulties of introducing gamification strategies in the face of more embedded cultural attitudes to workplace technology – are the perceived concepts of games and play barriers to improving the perceived ease of use of information systems?

What do you do to get the best out of your star players without running the risk of losing them prematurely to another employer? Clearly active engagement in interesting projects and initiatives will keep their interest, as might temporary secondment to parallel departments in your own organisation.  While we explored these possibilities, one question arose as to whether there is scope within our sector for an active inter-organisational secondment scheme – one that would actively encourage practical exchange of professional knowledge and experience at all stages of an individual’s career?

One of the most gratifying things about these joint Sue Hill Recruitment / TFPL events is bringing colleagues together from different sectors and seeing these ideas begin to blossom. The first two Connect-Ed Networking Breakfast have been very exciting – and my co-host Anne Ashdown and I are thoroughly looking forward to the next one.


– Donald Lickley