Book amnesty saves readers £11,200

After Katharine's post on stealing books in Wales, I was interested to notice that readers in Leicestershire saved almost £11,200 in fines when the city council decided to run a book amnesty between 20 and 26 October. This seems a significant amount of income the library has potentially lost in fines (although it's hard to know what proportion of that they would otherwise have received) but the value of the stock recovered exceeded £18,000 so the maths does add up.

Should more councils do this to recover stock or is it being too soft on irresponsible library users? How often should such amnesties take place?

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  •  :  Oh dear, I fear I have become one of these "irresponsible users". I'm just about back on track with work and life following my return from holiday. Whilst catching up with the blog and seeing this post I've realised that my library books are overdue. Why didn't I take advantage of online renewals whilst on holiday? It's not like I was in the middle of a desert with web access. Although these days I suppose you have internet access everywhere. Last year saw a similar event for me and so I made a frantic phone call from the beach on a Greek island. I see a pattern emerging...
  •  :  yes amnesty week should continue once a month. the service of libraries is to encourage and overdue fines dont encourage library usage.
  •  :  You do hear lots of anecdotal evidence that people let their library books get very overdue and then are too embarrassed to take them back to the library and so never use the library again which seems a shame. I'm not sure if an amnesty once a month would be too often though. Maybe once every three months would give it more of a sense of event?

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