A rose by any other name (or…exactly the same name)

wonderful blog is by Susan Hill, a guest blogger from our sponsored LIKE
attendees. The event was simply wonderful, a range of insightful discussion and
talks, fun fuelled competitions, delicious food and drink. I am positive you
will enjoy today’s edition:

– Hamza Khan

My name (Susan Hill) played no part in getting a sponsored
place on this conference, so SHR’s Gemma Wood assured me!

This conference took place in St Bride’s Hall, a rather
beautiful room complete with a grand piano and a vast painting of King George
’s jubilee thanksgiving service.

As the title and subtitle suggest the speakers covered all
themes on making sense of the overwhelming amount of data and information that
engulfs us all in our digital world.  All
the speakers agreed that businesses must find the right question to ask of big
data.  If the question is known before
acquiring big data, results and answers can be given in real time.  Given the right access, presentation and
delivery mechanisms it is this fast, in fact super-supersonic pace of results
that informs business decisions, directions and successes these days.  I did not know until Friday afternoon that a
fashion retailer adjusts what’s on its website by region according to what the
Met Office predicts the weather will be, as bikini sales can rise by 600% when
the sun shines, and that there is a serious lack of data scientists, “the
sexiest job in the UK at the moment” according to Dom Pollard, LIKE’s keynote speaker. 

Whilst I scribbled away with paper and pen, noting that over
5,000 apps are launched every week, a consultant was tweeting beside me and
another information professional was doing something 21st century
with her tablet.  We learned that Michael
has been giving big data “energy”, as he put it, by way of
infographics.  The innovator and
inventor, Manny Cohen’s exercise of predicting the future in 5, 10 and 15 years
time produced opinions that stretched from smaller gadgets and perfect Wi-Fi,
to greener products and wearable devices, to a backlash against technology.

All in all LIKE Ideas
was an informative experience for me and very much widened my understanding
as to the sort of expertise, jobs and opportunities that are available in the
information profession.  I had a very
enjoyable time chatting to lots of lovely and interesting people.  Thank you Sue Hill Recruitment.

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