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Two subjects that are very important to me joined forces yet again today – no, not shoes and champagne, but Photography and Libraries. I logged on to Flickr to see what people have been saying about my photos (they liked them, you'll be pleased to know!) and was presented with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quotation about libraries and an intriguing link. I followed it. It introduced me to the New York Public Library and a fascinating array of photographs. The Library is hoping that anyone and everyone will be help to tag the photos and that this will provoke activity and debate in this area of Flickr – The Commons. I've mentioned this initiative before and had hoped to see some more UK libraries joining in. Our NZ contingent here will be pleased to see The National Library of New Zealand is part of the Flickr Family.

Have you joined the Flickr Family yet?

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  •  :  Plymouth Libraries have been using for a while now. We have a general library account which covers everything (including some archive material) here: and Plymouth Theatre History which shows off our great collection of theatre images, playbills and posters:
  •  :  Some of the images available on the New York Public Library link are fascinating, and have changed the way I look at flickr. I am thinking of the Farm Security Administration photos in particular - a million million miles away from the "standard" flickr cliche (sunset/cute kitten/swan/flower/self portrait with camera looking weird). I wonder whether our snaps of the world in its current state of recession will have acquired a similar profound air of social documentary in seventy years time.

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